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Feeding Betta Fish

Iím sure youíre now wondering what you should feed your new betta fish. Bettas like food that floats. You can feed them any fish food from the pet store that is labeled for bettas. This doesnít mean that theyíll like it. My sister fed her betta flake food and he spit it right back out at her.

Bettas seem to prefer pellets. One of the best brands is Hikari Betta Bio-Gold. Iíve never seen a betta spit that out. Follow the directions on the food. You are not supposed to overfeed them. Their stomach is as big as their eye. One day, at least thirty pellets fell into my bettaís tank. He gobbled up every single one of them. I was waiting for him to croak, but he just kept swimming around his tank, happy as can be. I guess itís not that easy to overfeed a betta.

If you want to give your betta an occasional treat, they really love bloodworms. Bloodworms are mosquito larvae. Donít touch them with your hands or you might have an allergic reaction.

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