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Creating a Betta Fish Habitat

There are several things that you should you put in a betta fish tank.

First, you need some gravel or glass stones for the bottom. Gravel is very hard to clean, so I use glass stones. Glass stones can break in half when you are cleaning them, so be sure to check for any broken ones whenever you are cleaning the tank. I usually find some and have to throw them away.

Second, you need an ornament that the betta fish can hide behind or swim through. Bettas also like to rest on top of things. I had an ornament that was a yellow goldfish. The tail of the goldfish provided a perfect platform for my betta to lie on. I was passing by the tank and saw my betta resting on the ornament. It looked just like a bird sitting on a nest. It was so silly I couldnít stop laughing.

Third, you might also like a plant for the betta to hide behind. Beware of sharp plastic plants. They can rip the bettaís fins and cut his body. Silk plants are preferable. The only problem with silk plants is that they tend to look dirty after a few months. I managed to find some plastic plants that were soft enough to put in my tanks. They havenít injured my fish. Live plants can also be used, but will require more care, and may create more bacteria.

Lastly, you may want to put a heater in your tank, if your tank is big enough. My apartment is always warm, so I donít have heaters in my tanks. My largest tank is only 2.5 gallons. If you have a five gallon tank or more, you probably need one. I have heard that turning on the light in a one gallon tank will make the water warmer.

I mentioned this last tip in another page on this website, but I canít stress it enough--
put a cover on the tank. No matter how nice your fish tank looks, your fish will someday jump out of it.

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