I Love Betta Fish!

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Yes, I l-o-o-ove betta fish, as my little friend Rodrigo here, can tell you. I was looking for a pet that required very little care, yet was capable of showing some affection. Betta fish met both of those requirements, so I went out and got one. Every day my betta fish would come to the front of the tank to greet me, wagging his tail like a dog. I was in love.

Soon other people saw my betta fish and they wanted one too. Eventually, everyone I knew had a betta fish. They all couldnít believe how easy it was to take care of them. Now they all love their betta fish.

After youíre done reading this site, I think youíre gonna want a betta fish. Prepare yourself. If you do decide to get one, youíll be glad you did.

If you learned anything useful from this website and would like to donate to the webmaster, you can click on the "donate" button or send checks to the address below. My 21 year old car isn't going to last much longer. Any donations would be appreciated.

Contact Information:
E-mail: contact@ilovebettafish.com

Linda Nicastro
P.O. Box 155
Flagtown, NJ 08821-0155

picture of betta fish

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